Meet The Owner - Kendra


An Attorney, Mathematician, Realtor, and Fitness Enthusiast, Kendra Robinson is the Visionary Founder of the Hour Glass Body Brand.  Fueled by her undeniable history of achievement, Kendra’s continued pursuit of purpose is now channeled into balancing each passing minute with lucrative business ventures and healthy routines.  Robinson seeks to support others, particularly women, in that same quest.  The desires to push the limits, dig deeper, and live healthier are foundational to the vision of the Atlanta-based Hour Glass Body.  Not only is Kendra a force to be reckoned with in the court room, she pushes an equally impressive fitness regimen that includes working out with her personal trainer 5-6 times a week, and sticking to a very disciplined diet.


Kendra’s Vision for Hour Glass Body is simple:  to serve as a supportive community hub where women can access fashionable fitness gear and feel inspired to create THE BEST VERSION OF THEIR LIVES!